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Total Medical Ventures creates sustainable life sciences and biotechnology companies. We form partnerships with the owners of early stage technology, and together build businesses that yield exciting new products for the healthcare market place, and generate substantial value for the inventors and investors alike. Our portfolio includes diagnostics companies, drug development businesses and even technology platforms with broad application in healthcare. Although our focus is very early stage start-ups, some of our companies have now grown into substantial businesses with products in the market place. See how we helped them to see how we can help you.


Total Medical Ventures continually seeks new ideas to turn into businesses. In return we can provide:

bullet graphic Seed capital
bullet graphic Corporate finance
bullet graphic Experienced management teams
bullet graphic Business planning
bullet graphic Cutting-edge technical consultancy
bullet graphic Valuation advice
bullet graphic Bespoke research services, including clinical trials

Total Medical Ventures is so much more than a source of seed capital. When we share your vision, we work alongside you to see it realised. Because we understand that profit comes from providing products people want and need. Simple as that.