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Total Medical Ventures operates an 'evergreen' investment strategy, to gain maximum flexibility and minimise the impact of market cycles in asset prices. As a result, our future investments are funded by the returns on our existing portfolio, which is wholly owned by our initial private capital investors.

Nevertheless, Total Medical Ventures continues to grow rapidly, with four new portfolio companies established in the last 12 months alone. Many of these companies seek co-investors to fund their future growth and development, and we encourage potentially interested investors to contact us regularly to review the latest opportunities.


Although our companies are all relatively young, many of the technology platforms on which they are based are more mature and several have products in the market place. As a result, our portfolio continues to offer investment opportunities with varying degrees of risk.

As we expand, there may be limited opportunities for new investment directly into the diverse Total Medical Ventures portfolio (whose value has increased steadily since it was founded in 2001). Interested investors are invited to contact us to discuss the current position.

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